Sheet Metal Work

Sheet Metal Work

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DMS currently operate two Trumpf CNC laser cutting machines, Our 3030 machine has a full load / unload system enabling us to offer 24/7 lights out production.

Both machines have 4kw laser generators allowing us to profile many materials including,

  • Stainless steel up to 15mm
  • Mild steel up to 20mm
  • Aluminium up to 8mm

Tubes and box sections, can also be easily processed, using the Trumpf Rotolas attachment please contact us for details.

“Exclusive bending software allows automatic programming of the part and precise determination of the blank size.”

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In addition to our laser processing facility we have recently installed the latest generation LVD, PPEB 135 tonne x 3m CNC press brake, complete with the LVD patented Easy Form, laser bend angle measuring system. This technology ensures exact angle measurement during the bending process.

DMS use the latest Autocad 2D & Solid works 3D, CAD design software allowing our team to develop and prove extremely complex components in a 3D environment before downloading on our CNC machines. Our exclusive bending software allows automatic programming of the part & precise determination of the blank size. 2D & 3D parts can also be input at the machine control, allowing the flexibility to program parts both on & offline. We are also able to accept drawings from clients in a range of formats including .sat .dxf and .dwg.

Please contact us for more information on our sheet metal, laser & CNC folding service.

DMS Laser Profiles

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