Manual TIG Welding

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DMS has a large and progressive portfolio of welding qualifications and procedures for Manual TIG Welding. All of our welding procedure qualifications are third party approved by Zurich Certification, who are members of the CEOC authorising committee, and all of our welding procedures are dual certified for ASME IX and BS EN 288.

“Offering¬†Manual TIG Welding, our skilled welders are qualified to weld a wide range of materials with varying thicknesses and where appropriate, diameters.”

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Our factory is equipped with the latest welding equipment, including inverter based synergic MIG, pulsed inverter TIG, and Orbital welding equipment such as pipe and tube welding machines. We also have a selection of welding manipulators and rotators, which are used whenever possible to help us produce high quality welds, coupled with excellent visual appearances.

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