Machine TIG Welding

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DMS Stainless Fabrications Ltd currently have three Machine TIG welding lathes, which offer precision welding with an advanced level of process control and automation. This process is ideal for butt and socket welded components in a variety of materials. For many years DMS Stainless Fabrications Ltd have been a preferred supplier to companies working in the Subsea oil industry. To date DMS have welded in excess of 100,000 hydraulic couplings and weldments, all in service, throughout the world.

“This automatic welding facility for Machine TIG Welding represents the latest in rotary welding technology for the welding of pipes and couplings, efficiently producing high quality welds with an extremely high degree of repeatability.”

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The precision welding lathes are designed to consistently weld a wide range of circumferential parts, with specific control over

  • Welding current
  • Weld Speed
  • Arc
  • Arc gap and arc distance control
  • Arc start, multiple current levels, pulsing and sloping control
  • Shield gas & back-up gas control
  • Wire feed

Welds are performed in accordance with ASME IX and BS EN ISO 15614 (approved materials).

Please contact us for more information on our Automated Rotary TIG welding services, or to find out how we can help improve the quality of your tube and pipe based stainless steel weldments.

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