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Stainless Pipework Welding is commonly used within the following market sectors:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • High-Purity water installations
  • Laboratory / Instrumentation
  • Petro-Chemical Industry
  • Bio-Technology Industry

Whilst this allows us to achieve X-Ray standard, crevice free welds on tube, pipe and fittings with relative ease, the process requires a high level of skill and quality control, especially in the preparation of materials and the alignment of tube.

“All of our stainless pipework welding equipment incorporates auto-programming features, allowing us to produce high quality welds with a high degree of repeatability. All of our welds are performed in accordance with ASME IX and BS EN 288.”

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We have three workstations using the latest orbital welding equipment from Orbitalum, allowing us to autogenously butt weld small to medium diameter piping. The small dimensions of the enclosed Orbiweld S weld heads make it ideal for applications where space is limited, as is often the case in the Subsea, Pharmaceutical and similar application sectors. The narrow design of the Orbiweld weld heads means that parts with short straight welding lengths can also be processed. In addition to our closed weld heads, we also have one welding station equipped with an Orbiweld TP 250 open weld head, which is equipped with a cold wire feeder.

Please contact us for more information on our orbital welding services, or to see how we can help improve the quality of pipe and tube based stainless steel welded fabrications.

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